Who is this guy anyway?

I am old enough to have used a 300baud accoustic coupler to connect to a local BBS to leave Fidonet messages.. but only just!

I consider myself very lucky to have grown up at about the same rate as modern technology and the internet (before it became synonymous with the world wide web). I know what Archie and Veronica are and I used Jughead. I was online the night Yahoo launched, though I was probably logged in to a MUD reading.

My childhood was spent reading, learning, coding, gaming and most other things you can do on your own. I am very happy with only my own company, but love bouncing ideas off people when the feeling is right.

I started my working life with the PC boom, went through the craze of a midnight retail release for a bloody operating system, owned one of the very first CD Burners in my local area, and have managed to stay ahead of most technology curves my entire life. I am not scared by anything new, but I have also probably used the last 3 versions of it (since very little is truly new)

I have some pretty broad views on many topics, but am open minded enough to understand that I don't know everything, so am always interested in a challenge.

I am strongly committed to regional community, and firmly believe that helping people to access and use technology wherever they are is the most enabling thing we can do.

I have a freakish memory for details and rapidly become the goto person for problem solving in any organisation I'm involved in. I appreciate structure, but hate being constrained. I have respect for authority, but will happily break the rules that need to be broken. I can find you a solution to your problem, even if its the one you didn't think you needed.

If you think I might be able to help you out, please get in contact. I'm happy to work remotely for the right organisation.

“there is nothing that cannot be fixed with cable ties and gaff ”